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Minnesota Orthodontist Offers Tips for Keeping Your Retainers In Prime Form!

Retainer Tales

Summer is here, and for many people, this is the most active time of year. If you have retainers, be extra careful to keep track of them this busy season! Here are some of the most common reasons why people need new retainers, and some tips on how to avoid these retainer casualties:

– The dog or cat ate the retainer. Keep your retainer in its case anytime it’s not in your mouth!
– The waiter/waitress threw away a retainer that was wrapped in a napkin. Once again, keep your retainer in the case!
– The retainer doesn’t fit anymore. Make sure you wear your retainers as prescribed. Often, the reason a retainer doesn’t fit is because the retainer isn’t worn enough.
– The retainer fell out while swimming. Don’t wear your retainers in the pool or lake! It is especially difficult to find a clear retainer if it falls out in the water.

If you do happen to break or lose your retainer, be sure to call Zapfel Orthodontics right away to get a new impression made before your teeth shift around. Retainers are generally made to hold the teeth where they are, so if you experience shifting, a retainer may not be able to re-correct your bite.

For More Information

Please call (763) 784-0420 or visit www.ZapfelOrthodontics.com for more information or to schedule a complimentary initial examination and x-ray. Zapfel Orthodontics is located at 1130 NE County Road 10 in Spring Lake Park, MN 55432 and serves the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities including Coon Rapids, Blaine, Fridley, Roseville, Anoka, Brooklyn Park, Columbia Heights, and Mounds View, Minnesota.

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